I’m Alice

For the last decade I’ve watched my dad spend his weekends in a dusty garage working on a car that, when it first arrived, looked like a hoarders backyard delight. Let’s just say that when it turned up, rusty and without door handles, we were less than impressed.

Fast forward ten years and it really is a work of art. Heads turn every time it leaves the garage and strangers take photos in front of it while you’re inside a restaurant. They see how beautiful it is but no-one really sees the dedication, time and effort he put into it to get it to what it is today.

So I decided to design him a book to tell his story behind the restoration, a homage to all his hard work  - this was the birth of Relic Bespoke Books.


Running on Cargo

Relic helps you document and preserve your own restoration journey in a high quality, hand crafted, bespoke book.

With your guidance, I will craft your book using the materials you have collected throughout your journey. Photographs, historical documents, articles and, of course, your personal tale of the process behind the project will be gathered, edited and collated into your own unique, perfect-bound story.

Each book is designed to suit each individual project and showcases the history, process and final product - a keepsake for you to share with others, or to serve as a memory for yourself.

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Running on Cargo