So, how does
it all work?

Get in touch. 

Email me or give me a call to briefly outline your idea/project and the date you will need it by. Please note that these books can take a some time to complete as they involve research and compiling documents, crafting and editing the story, design-time, checking, printing, binding and shipping.

The whole process can take up to 8 weeks to complete. However if there is an urgent request please let me know and I will see what I can do!

Content is key!

Next, I will contact you via email or phone call so you can tell me more in depth about your book subject and so I can determine what content you already have and what we need to pull together. More often than not, the client will write the story (as you know it best) and I refine it to a print-ready level.

You may not have good photos of your final product, not to worry! I have people that can take care of it.

Once I have everything I need from you; copy, documents, articles, photography (whatever it may be), I go through it all and figure out the best way to tell your story. At this point I will also be looking at design elements such as layout, typefaces, book size, and cover options - all the goods to make your book beautiful and unique!

Now is the time to pay a 50% deposit on your book. Payments will need to be made in the form of a bank transfer.

The final chapter.

Once you’re happy with the direction of the design and the content, I go ahead and get it all ready to print. We do a final sign off and make sure everything is perfect! Then it’s off to the printers and then the book binders for them to work their magic.

This is where you pay the other half of the deposit and as soon as I receive your book back from the printers I send it to wherever you need it. Voila!

Enquire about your own Relic Book